Services & Technologies

CEREC crowns and incrustations

At the Centre Dentaire des Îles, we use CEREC OMNICAM technology to design crowns and inlays/onlays. This technology offers many advantages, such as comfort throughout the treatment, speed of execution in addition to the very aesthetic result.

CEREC crowns

If your tooth has deteriorated due to a deep decay, fracture or crack, a crown will restore its shape and appearance. It covers the top of the tooth and restores its masticatory function.

Steps in designing and installing a CEREC crown:

  • Damaged tooth is scanned with an optical camera
  • A virtual model of the tooth is created and sent to the clinic’s machining station
  • The crown is manufactured and ready to install in just a few minutes

CEREC Inlays/Onlays

If your tooth is seriously damaged by deep decay, a ceramic inlay is ideal for solidifying it. As the ceramic material used by CEREC OMNICAM technology does not tend to expand, your tooth stays healthy for many years and regains its original strength.

Steps in designing and installing a CEREC inlay/onlay:

  • The prepared tooth is scanned using the CEREC OMNICAM technology
  • Data is sent directly to the machining station
  • Inlay is cemented on the tooth


Benefits of CEREC technology:

  • Inlay is ready in one visit
  • Effective and long-lasting technology
  • Tooth regains its initial strength
  • Very esthetically pleasing result

If you would like to know more about CEREC technology, please contact a member of the Centre Dentaire des Îles team.