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Primary teeth

Eight incisors, four canines and eight molars, for a total of 20 teeth, make up the first dentition in children, commonly called primary teeth or baby teeth. The incisors are the first to emerge (at around six or seven months) while the last teeth to come in are the second primary molars (between 24 and 30 months).

These deciduous teeth will begin to fall at around age six to gradually give room to the permanent dentition. All permanent teeth should have emerged by the age of 12–13 years old. Wisdom teeth will come in at around 16, if they erupt at all.

Differences between primary teeth and permanent dentition:

  • Deciduous teeth have a thinner and more translucent enamel compared to permanent teeth
  • Cavities are more likely to develop on primary teeth because the enamel is less mineralized

We recommend scheduling an appointment for your child at the age of three or even before. This will give us the chance to establish a relationship of trust with your child and detect any potential problems.